About Us

Who We Are

MHL is a pharmaceutical company who truly believes that everyone has a right to quality affordable medicines. Improving the life of patients today for a better tomorrow is our prime objective. MHL is committed to providing everyone high quality and affordable healthcare products. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, MHL has been serving the medical fraternity over two decades and is now strengthening its global reach.

MHL continuously strives in developing scientific solutions and revolutionary pharmaceutical products to consistently cater to the growing needs in healthcare and deliver accessible medication to all.

A Gamut of Our Specialized Advantages


Modern Manufacturing Facilities

WHO-GMP certifications of our manufacturing facilities are testimony to its compliance with the World health Organisation's international norms. Our manufacturing facilities also meet stringent cGMP norms.


Large Scale Production Capabilities

Huge production capabilities ensure that products are available within the specified lead time empowering us to supply to major domestic and international requirements on high priority and urgency.


Availability of Outsourcing Facilities

We have the benefit of outsourcing facilities which in present times the utmost need of the hour. Making product available as per customer requirements from specialised manufacturing units puts us a step ahead of our competitors.


Internationally Recognised Quality

Norms We have uncompromising commitment to quality. Our quality policy covers all the areas of operation - right from the procurement of best raw material, through every stage of product processing and packaging.


Customer Care and Satisfaction

Customers are offered high quality formulations at the best prices.

Director's Message
Pharmaceutical sector is the most vital area affecting the health of a nation and thus the strength of this sector can define a country's well being and growth.

Megha Healthcare is committed in providing the best in pharmaceutical care. Providing quality healthcare solutions to all at the most affordable prices is our prime objective. Along the journey, we thank our associates for their trust, our employees for their commitment and our business partners for their continued and valuable support in this endeavour. We are exploring every possibility in making medicines available to millions.

Dipal Jhaveri Director

Core Values

Principals, Ethics & Conduct

Customer Care

Constant enrichment of the quality & added value of our products and services through ongoing and cost effective innovation ensures the best product outcomes. Optimum care is taken to ensure customer satisfaction on all grounds.

Ethical Behaviour

A long-standing tradition of ethical behaviour based on the principles of Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthiness is followed here at Megha Healthcare, at every stage, from acquiring raw materials, to production, marketing and final distribution.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect amongst all the team members and our associates breeds a sense of belonging, team spirit and positivity, which has earned us rich dividends in the form of high ethical standards in work place, credibility and a close bonding.


We foster a culture that encourages leadership, delegation, risk taking, speed of response and accountability, in order to adapt effectively to uncertain and rapidly changing situations thus, giving opportunity to individuals to perform to their full potential.


Over the years, we have successfully grown as result of our team efforts. Open communication across all levels, sharing of knowledge and technologies, and a congenial work environment, have constantly motivated us to progress & achieve our goals.

Ethical Conduct

We have adopted an ethical code of conduct, setting out the behaviour and conduct expected of all individuals, at their workplace and in their lives. We respect each person irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion, gender or social standing.